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I am putting Ringo on another post, behind a cut, because she is basically NSFW.



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I LOVE The Hair x_X

(Image borrowed from FooBarBaz)

I must have this figure, sexy outfit and OMG the hair, so gorgeous!

It looks like she is coming out 1/2009 and is 1/6 scale 🙂

See More Pictures of KOS-MOS Mizugi Ver. here!

PS. Another WonFes MUST GET. Augh. Good thing I’ve been better about preorders as of late, because I need these lol! No seriously, I’ve been relatively good!

Pps. Not going to post pictures of these, but I am going to need the Kagamine Ren & Len Figmas as well…not to mention Hatsune Miku Figma! I ❤ Figmas…

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This figure is another character from the Noizi Ito illustrated Hentai game Peace @ Pieces (same as my De@th-sensei, also from Alter). As expected from alter, everything is great about this figure. I really like the opalescent paint on her white outfit. Although she is way too skinny in my opinion, I like her design.


More under here:


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