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This figure is another character from the Noizi Ito illustrated Hentai game Peace @ Pieces (same as my De@th-sensei, also from Alter). As expected from alter, everything is great about this figure. I really like the opalescent paint on her white outfit. Although she is way too skinny in my opinion, I like her design.


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My last Shana photo shoot didn’t come out quite so nice, so I set up my BRAND NEW mini-studio kit and decided to play around with it with Shana and the results are very nice! I’m glad I don’t have to wait until the weekend when I’ll have daylight and then end up with not very nicely lit shots anyhow. Either some time this week or next weekend I am going to stop by the fancy paper shop and pick up some nice paper for the background.


More pictures below!: (more…)

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Ok guys, this is the first of quite a few figure posts! It’s my long awaited Max Factory 1/8 Shakugan no Shana figure 😀

Her hair did not disappoint, I love the way it glows in the light and looks like candy.


Click for more! 😀


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