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Do you guys have any cool pictures of Viral (from Gurren Lagann of course)? He is so cool…

He can’t replace Duke Tougo of course, but he is awesome in a different way anyways! Viral is more on a Shark Fujishiro level, although I haven’t watched/read any Seto no Hanayome in a while…so I guess I like Viral more. Viral is also a much deeper character, and shows up more often (thankfully). It also may be their animal-ness and their TEETH 😀 hehehe *fangirls*

EDIT: I just found out that Viral is also a shark…it’s all making sense to me now lol.


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Golgo 13

Surprisingly, my favorite anime of the year is a Golgo 13, and I am huge Golgo 13 / Duke Tougo fangirl…he’s so big and surly~ .

Anyways, I just had to let that out 😉 …I know you guys like moe (and of course, so do I, but I need a little GAR in my life), but this is my blog, so there 😛

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