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Satsuriku no Jango: 1/8 Franco Il Nero…oi vey! I’m adding it to my pre-order post…I made a Pre-Order page, which you can click on…it’s basically the post I already posted, but i wanted to make a page for it so I can keep track of my Pre-Orders. It’s next to “About Me” called “This Year’s Pre-Orders”.

I promise you guys that I will post some photos soon! I just haven’t gotten around to fixing the pictures yet…and now I have 2 more figures on the way (To Heart 2: Manaka Komaki & Shunya Yamashita’s Cocona) and one for my birthday (Himawari: Hinata Himawari), so when they arrive maybe I’ll just take pictures of them and upload them en masse…beware, I will be making a post for each figure.


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Anybody know if these sites are any good? http://www.statuetoys.com/ & http://www.animeattack.com/
They have a figure that I’ve been looking for at my usual places, but can’t find in stock…

Nevermind, ordered it from Twin Moons!

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I am so excited for all of these! But I’m glad I have to wait, because that means I don’t have to pay for them until they ship..so I can’t really complain! But so far I am happy with my Pre-orders 😀


Shakugan no Shana: 1/8 Shana


Shakugan no Shana: 1/8 Flame Haze Shana Bikini

To Heart 2: 1/8 Michiru Yamada


Moetan: 1/8 Pastel Ink

Satsuriku no Jango: 1/8 Franco Il Nero


Vocaloid: Nendroid Hatsune Miku


Pop Wonderland: 1/8 Alice

Shuraki: 1/8 Ryu Meifeng (2nd Wave Re release)


Chu x Chu Idol: 1/8 Chu Chu Astram


Persona 3: 1/8 Kirijo Mitsuru

Zero no Tsukaima: 1/8 Siesta

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Anybody know if it’s any good?: http://www.kidnemo.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=377_1_80&products_id=1643
I might preorder it anyhow…what a good price and cute pose!

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I ordered her not too long after I heard about her…now she seems to be coming ahead of schedule! I should be getting her fairly soon :D.

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Hey you guys…

I can tell people are reading my posts…so give me a little feedback in the form of comments, I promise I won’t bite! Maybe I’ll be more inspired to get off my lazy butt and do nicer photo shoots…especially now that I’ve started collecting some miniatures 😉

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As you can see from my categories, this figure has POLO system…I feel like a huge lolicon (but I guess those kind of people like Kodomo no Jikan too anyhow). I am not actually going to use the POLO system and I’m going to leave her clothed, but just knowing that it has it make me feel like a dirty old man lol. I can’t take pictures right now, but maybe when I can…if it’s not too difficult…I’ll take some cast-off pictures.

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