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Yay! I just ordered Alter Fauna (from Megachu!) and Kotobukiya Shana (from Shakugan no Shana) in the teal swimsuit. I’m looking forward to both of them! Darn Christmas and New Years, it will probably be a while until I receive Fauna…I know I won’t be getting Shana until the end of Feb. though. I get one Shana end of Jan. and one at the end of Feb. At least I know I’ll be getting at least one figure those months hehe xD

I heard some good things about the Fauna I am getting, I chose to get it instead of the new one with POLO from Max Factory because I thought her head looks really strange from the side. Also the Alter one seems to have more detail in my opinion. I just really hope it doesn’t lean, I have that problem with a Mikuru I have, but then again she is bigger and heavier than I believe Fauna is :P.

I have a thing about swimsuit figures. Unfortunately Shana doesn’t have the chest to make it a big deal, but I figured I’m getting one of her standing in her school uniform I might as well get her in another pose and another outfit. Also I really like the way her hands tying her top makes her hair go over her hands, I have another figure like that (which I’ll go over in my next entry) and it looks really nice.



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I love my Aegis (Persona 3) figure, even though I haven’t gotten to her in the game yet (I haven’t played in a while)…I absolutely love her Character Design though, so I didn’t hesitate to buy this figure when I saw it in a local store. 2126660184_3fd634996c.jpg


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This figure was a great deal at $25ish at Fanime con this past May. I got it because it was cute, sorta ero and cheap. I wasn’t disappointed!



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Ok, so I tried to take the pictures with better light this time. Some day I will have a fancy set up but I don’t right now…but I think that my pictures are pretty decent regardless.

Here is some more sexy Win-chan for you:






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I wanted a Revoltech quite a bit recently, and had been waffling over this one every time I went to Kinokuniya (which is quite a bit)…I finally got it and I love it! It’s so cute :3

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Not the best picture, but I wanted to post something now that my camera is charged and back in action! I got this Win-chan from Matt for Channukah 😀 I’ve been pining over it for quite some time, I absolutely love this figure. I love the pose, and I love her hair (among other things!)!!!


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UGH! (A Rant)

Apparently the Shana figure I ordered is a PRE-ORDER from the site I ordered it from. It won’t be in until my birthday (1/31), and I won’t be getting it until probably the week after! All this means is that I am going to satiate my desire to have a cool figure with something else. Which is lucky, because I still have to order Matt a Christmas present which is most likely going to be a figure too. I just wish that they charged my card when the pre-order arrived instead of now! WTH? I am assuming that this is a second run, because I understand that the Shana figure is pretty tough to find in stock. Luckily in my crazy brain half the fun is waiting! But yeah, I feel a little stupid for not noticing the pre-order notice. I guess I’ll just have to be more careful. I’d rather not pre-order it. But I guess it’s cheaper that way than getting it on eBay, and I’d rather deal with an actual store. So now I get to whine on this journal…but hey, it’s still on topic! 😛 Funny thing is that that is apparently what happened to Matt when he ordered my Christmas present, which will now end up being my birthday present (a To Heart 2 figure)! Bad luck with pre-orders for the both of us lol.

Now I have to think of something else to get, heh. I wish they hadn’t charged my card though, because it’s still like I’d be paying for the figure in January…but if I buy a figure for myself as well as one for Matt for Christmas then it’s like buying 3 figures. ARGH! I think I might just get Matt’s figure for now :'< (well, that really isn’t that sad….it’s pretty cool).

In better news (but it’s not really news), I have 2 pet figure lines that I am interested in collecting, but so far there isn’t really anything I want to buy from the lines! Those are Nendroids (we have a Haruhi one though) and Revoltech…specifically the Fraulein ones (I’m more interested in figures of girls than figures of robots).

I know that there is maybe like…one person reading this, but are there any suggestions as to cool looking, good quality models I should get?

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