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Ok…I did that review on Animexing a while ago, but now I want to let you guys know about the place I’ve been using since then… Kid Nemo!!

After my bad Animexing experience I knew I had to find a place where I could pre-order without having to pay up front. And it’s true, at Kid Nemo you don’t have to pay until they ship your order.

Their communication is very good, I recently had to change the address for all of my pre-orders and they promptly changed it. When I asked about the February orders that I hadn’t gotten yet they let me know about them being delayed because of the manufacturer. I was much more patient than if they had taken my money (like Animexing had done) but they didn’t and thus I can’t really complain, also their communication with me about it was polite and informative as I’ve come to expect from Kid Nemo. I don’t mind waiting at all, and thus I have kept my pre-order with them for those items.

Overall I definately recommend Kid Nemo, I almost exclusively use them for orders/pre-orders unless I can’t find something then I get it from Hobby Search usually. If that fails then I would probably use Twin Moons. I stick to Kid Nemo as much as possible because they usually have what I was looking for anyhow, and the shipping is much cheaper and it’s easy for me to tell what the status of my orders are. You can follow the links to these stores (and a couple others I trust) in my links on the sidebar.

I give them a big A+!


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So officially Twin Moons is awesome…as is Super Rats~! I received my Sumomo (Nanatsuiro Drops) and Shakugan no Shana figures with no trouble from Twin Moons. Coolest bit is that they are located in SoCal so it only took a couple days for them to get here. Even though I ordered the figures separately they shipped them both together to save on costs. All in all I was pretty happy with my experience with them.

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