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Finally Home

After a week of house-sitting (well mostly dog-sitting) for my mom, I am finally home so here are a few pictures of the figures I got on Monday! I am also awaiting a few other figures, but 1 is set to arrive soon, dunno about the others :P.

Sorry these pictures are kinda blurry…for some reason I couldn’t get it to be sharp even in Macro. I think I will need to open up my mini studio later… I guess daylight just hates me…I replaced the old pictures with newer, better ones taken at night.

Anyways, hereΒ  you go!:

NWS Chuchu Astram & Pantsu Jordh under the cut:



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A Sneak Peek :)

You can see the infamous squishy boobs here…they look the same as the rest of her bare skin, very nice :). :

The last thing you see before you die:

Sorry for not dusting her off or putting her on a nice background, when I get a chance to photograph her for reals it’ll look nicer…I promise πŸ™‚

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This figure is another character from the Noizi Ito illustrated Hentai game Peace @ Pieces (same as my De@th-sensei, also from Alter). As expected from alter, everything is great about this figure. I really like the opalescent paint on her white outfit. Although she is way too skinny in my opinion, I like her design.


More under here:


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Some Fate Character

I don’t have the box right in front of me, all I remember is this is a character from the Fate series. I got it because it looks nice and was only $25 at my local place. The only place the paint job kinda sucks is the finger nails where it is out of the line. It’s not too noticeable other than in the pictures though.


One more under here:


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More De@th-Sensei

Since I got my new studio I wanted to go back and redo another shoot that came out badly the first time. I don’t think I’ll re shoot any more after this one though, unless I have specific requests anyhow. Also now I have some awesome backgrounds thanks to my local paper store!!

Here is my De@th-sensei!:


More below!:


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Alter’s De@th-Sensei!

Yet another Noiji Ito character I have a figure of. Not surprising considering she’s my favorite artist. I love De@th-sensei’s flowing blue hair and her bird and he outfit….and everything! She is both cute and scary at the same time.


Click for more pictures! πŸ˜€


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Alter Fauna~!!!

I love her expression and her genki jumping pose. She’s really cute, and I love her pink hair!!!

I love eroge characters lol. They can just be so moe, even I (a female) can appreciate their appeal XD!


Click below for more pictures πŸ™‚


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