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I am never going to use AnimeXing to pre-order figures again. Not only do they charge you right away (rather than when the item is ready to be shipped to you) but now they are telling me there is an issue with their distributer that might take “from a week to months” for the figure to come in, or even it might not come in at all! The stupid thing is that people already have this figure and I’ve seen it at another site too! The only reason I didn’t get it from the other site was because I had already put in my order from AnimeXing and I didn’t want to deal with changing it. I am so mad, because I’ve been waiting since the beginning of December and I really want this figure!!!

I’m waiting for this Shakugan no Shana one:

If anybody knows of other stores I can get it at, please comment and let me know. I really want this figure and I’m really annoyed at AnimeXing and don’t really want to do business with them after all this trouble…


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