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I got this figure not too long ago on sale for $10 and I think it was a great deal for a rather nice figure, especially considering this was a UFO catcher prize too. The whole section of her chest that is exposed (from just above her breasts to under her bellybutton) is soft. I love that gimmick!


More under here:



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I love Siesta’s innocent “oh, did you call me?” look, even though I understand she isn’t actually very innocent.

You guys have seen tons of Figma Mikuru I am sure, so I am only going to post a few pictures.

Bonus: Siesta’s Underwear Shot behind the cut 😉


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Some More of Corti!

I love the details of the inner skirt…it’s so nice 🙂 Plus pantsu shot 😉

Isn’t her Zettai Ryoiki hot? I like the way it looks like it is tight, a nice detail 🙂 If anything I’d say the summary of this figure is “lots of great detail”!

“Come on guys, let’s go!” is what her pose seems to be saying, to me.

I love the motion of her hair.

Detail shot of her awesomely detailed boots.

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The sun was illuminating Another Blood so nicely, I had to take some more pictures of her 🙂

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Apparently this is my signature shot, which was missing from the other post…so here you go :p

Oh, and it’s of Another Blood 🙂

(Under the cut, since it’s a little NWS):


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This figure is as gorgous as everybody says. She is easily one of my favorite, nicest figures…she’s really lovely.

See for yourself 🙂 :

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1/8 GSC Corti

I just got this lovely figure today 🙂 I was a little wary of her bright hair color, but in person it looks very nice. The details on this figure is amazing!

BTW I updated my “About Me” section with my ugly mug 😛 So if you were wondering what I looked like…there you go!

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