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I know I am a little late to the party on this one, but I just recently started to collect the manga (albeit backwards, my Kinokuniya only had 11 and 12 in stock) and watch the anime (The Origination, waiting on The Natural). It’s nice to watch a show just for like 20 minutes of feel-good-calming-heartwarming time :). It’s too bad that the manga already ended though…

I love the setting, it’s just so beautiful and calming. Although the manga is, of course, in black and white, the setting is still presented as beautifully as it is in color. The characters are nice too, I like that there are some calm characters and some silly ones to even it out.

I really wish there were more figures of this series though, it just seems to me that the popularity of Aria and the amount of figures are off. I have seen the chibi ones but I don’t want them. I just want a nice one of Akari.

I’m looking forward to going home and watching more of Aria, what a great way to wind down after a long day.



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(Late) Moeday :P




Unrelated, but I went ahead and pre-ordered the Saber Figma 😛

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Teaser picture 😛

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I received my Yuki Nagato Figma from Kid Nemo, as usual very promptly, and I’m going to take pictures of it pretty soon. For now all I can say is that the Fraulein Revoltech Pocco is going to be the last Fraulein Revoltech I will be getting. I have definately decided to stick with Figmas, they are much more fun to play with and the limbs do not fall off at all. I dislike the Fraulein Revoltech (not the normal Revoltech, never had a problem with Yotsuba!&) because the limbs fall off very easily and it’s really fiddly and annoying to play with.

I also love the paint job, the very soft plastic clothes, and the extras it comes with. I also like that it comes with a Figma bag to store the extra pieces in. I am still thinking about it, but I might pre-order the Saber Figma. I’d pre-order Haruhi, but for a show I am not a huge fan of I have too many figures of it already. I really want to collect Figma though, I hope they release a lot. They are a really fun way to play with a figure when all you can do with the rest of your collection is display them and take photos of them. Not that I’m complaining though, just saying it’s fun to play with your toys once in a while 🙂

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Mobile Posting…Sweet!

I’m posting this from my LG enV…pretty sweet, now I can ramble about anime/manga/figures from anywhere!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

This isn’t really my typical post, but I was surfing around Youtube and found a lot of anime openings from my “golden age” of anime (1998~2004 or so). There are some you might notice that are from earlier than that, which is because this was before fansubs were widespread or you had to get them on VHS so I was only able to see them well after they aired (and mostly when they aired on Toonami or Public TV).

Anyways, the videos are under the cut…let me know which ones you enjoyed/remember!:


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This figure is another character from the Noizi Ito illustrated Hentai game Peace @ Pieces (same as my De@th-sensei, also from Alter). As expected from alter, everything is great about this figure. I really like the opalescent paint on her white outfit. Although she is way too skinny in my opinion, I like her design.


More under here:


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