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Because I Love You Guys So Much

I’m going to post another nice picture post 😀

I should probably change this page to be called “Pure Trance (Figured)’s Moe Blog” or “Pure Trance (Figured)’s Otaku-ette Blog” or something like that….What do you guys think??? Also, should I start putting these under a cut, or do you guys not mind having it on the main page?





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It’s That Time Again!!!

For Moeday that is! 😀


I have so many Moetan pictures, so cute (I love Arcs-kun, what a perv):


I don’t know much about Miku but I love her hair so much:


A little out of season, but oh so kawaii:


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My Mini-Studio

In case anybody was curious, this is my sweet new setup (it also came with a little table-top sized tripod which I was using to take this picture):


The kind of camera I use is a Canon SD1000 Digital Elph….a point-‘n’-shoot camera, but I L.O.V.E. it to bits and I think it takes very nice pictures.

PS. Everything is portable (although I don’t know why I need it to be) the box bit folds up into a thin case and has pockets on the outside for the portable lights (the legs go into the “body”) and tripod.

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I really like this figure. It’s simple but her pose is interesting (especially for a sitting pose) and sexy and I love her hair and her eye decals are really good. I hate the base so none of these are with the base. If you want a picture of her on it comment and let me know and I’ll take one for you. Here we goooo~!


A TON more below…did I mention I love having a mini-studio????: (more…)

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More De@th-Sensei

Since I got my new studio I wanted to go back and redo another shoot that came out badly the first time. I don’t think I’ll re shoot any more after this one though, unless I have specific requests anyhow. Also now I have some awesome backgrounds thanks to my local paper store!!

Here is my De@th-sensei!:


More below!:


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Something Funny

Well there are Kotobukiya figures of this series, but I don’t think it qualifies as otaku. But I got a kinda funny box set today (see if you can spot the problem, note that it’s shrink wrapped, so I didn’t do this):


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Oops! Here are my belated Moeday pictures…enjoy!




I have a trading figure of this one, it’s adorable:


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