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I Feel Like a Little Moe…


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Ryu Meifeng:

Figma Saber:

Figma Nanoha Takamichi:

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Moe For All, And All For Moe!

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Do you guys have any cool pictures of Viral (from Gurren Lagann of course)? He is so cool…

He can’t replace Duke Tougo of course, but he is awesome in a different way anyways! Viral is more on a Shark Fujishiro level, although I haven’t watched/read any Seto no Hanayome in a while…so I guess I like Viral more. Viral is also a much deeper character, and shows up more often (thankfully). It also may be their animal-ness and their TEETH 😀 hehehe *fangirls*

EDIT: I just found out that Viral is also a shark…it’s all making sense to me now lol.

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I usually don’t really buy trading figures, since they are almost always guaranteed to be disappointing in some way. But these ones are different. Well, the Aria ones are pretty standard as far as trading figures go, but I really like Aria and have had no luck finding normal figures from that series so this just had to do. The Idolm@ster trading figures, however, are really sweet (not surprising seeing as they are made by Alter) and are almost like mini versions of larger figures, which is good because the normal figures of Idolm@ster I like are a bit too expensive.

Anyways, on to the pictures!:

Secret figure (I like it better than the blond version, so I am very happy!).

Blue haired one.

I posted this one before, but I wanted to post it again for the set.

All 3 of them together.

The Aria trading figures, which only deserved one shot lol.

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Today I hit 10,000 views (it’s at 10,003 as I write this)!

Also, I am in need of ideas for the header for my site…should I use my favorite moe pictures…or pictures of my favorite figures???

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