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“According to the Dengeki HOBBYWEB news blog, during a live recording of the Kodomo no Jikan web radio at Wonder Festival it was announced that a Kojika Nendoroid series would be produced. As far as I know the project is still in its planning stages as there were no prototypes on display at the event, but we’ll keep an eye out for further news. “

Heisei Democracy (check out their link in my blogroll).

This is exciting news! I love Kodomo no Jikan and Nendoroids! Unfortunately there aren’t a lot that appeal to me (I just have the big Haruhi and a few of the Petit ones, I also pre-ordered the Hatsune Miku one…I want the Pastel Ink from Moetan one but I don’t think it was for sale). I can’t wait for these though! I hope they don’t take too long, because I am really anticipating it and as soon as the pre-order is announced I will be going for it!!!!

Ps. Eetaku, I’m a female 😉


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