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The sun was illuminating Another Blood so nicely, I had to take some more pictures of her 🙂


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This figure is as gorgous as everybody says. She is easily one of my favorite, nicest figures…she’s really lovely.

See for yourself 🙂 :

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Figma Kyon

I got Figma Kyon at Kinokuniya today. I was excited to see that they had figmas, when all they had before were Revoltechs 😀 I might go back tomorrow to get Haruhi too, but I am still unsure. I knew I wanted Kyon because I kinda wanted a male Figma hehe.

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I received my Yuki Nagato Figma from Kid Nemo, as usual very promptly, and I’m going to take pictures of it pretty soon. For now all I can say is that the Fraulein Revoltech Pocco is going to be the last Fraulein Revoltech I will be getting. I have definately decided to stick with Figmas, they are much more fun to play with and the limbs do not fall off at all. I dislike the Fraulein Revoltech (not the normal Revoltech, never had a problem with Yotsuba!&) because the limbs fall off very easily and it’s really fiddly and annoying to play with.

I also love the paint job, the very soft plastic clothes, and the extras it comes with. I also like that it comes with a Figma bag to store the extra pieces in. I am still thinking about it, but I might pre-order the Saber Figma. I’d pre-order Haruhi, but for a show I am not a huge fan of I have too many figures of it already. I really want to collect Figma though, I hope they release a lot. They are a really fun way to play with a figure when all you can do with the rest of your collection is display them and take photos of them. Not that I’m complaining though, just saying it’s fun to play with your toys once in a while 🙂

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My last Shana photo shoot didn’t come out quite so nice, so I set up my BRAND NEW mini-studio kit and decided to play around with it with Shana and the results are very nice! I’m glad I don’t have to wait until the weekend when I’ll have daylight and then end up with not very nicely lit shots anyhow. Either some time this week or next weekend I am going to stop by the fancy paper shop and pick up some nice paper for the background.


More pictures below!: (more…)

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For some strange reason it took me a while to get around to getting this figure. I ended up making myself get it in the end though because of the stupidly high second-hand price and the fact that I love Kodomo no Jikan (did I mention I am a dirty old man in a 22-year-old female’s body??). Anyways this figure did not disappoint, it’s really well made. The only problem is that I HAVE to use the base because the hair warps if the tension of the pegs holding it isn’t there. Apparently it’s just my figure though, so if one of you guys get it it might lay flat without the base. Either way it’s definately worth it.

This figure has the POLO system however I will only take requests for pictures of her without her shorts on because they are soft and are a pain to put on again.

She’s 1/6 scale and therefore looks huge to me, since most figures are 1/8. I love it though, it’s great having a monster figure around!


Click to see more shots 😀


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Ok guys, this is the first of quite a few figure posts! It’s my long awaited Max Factory 1/8 Shakugan no Shana figure 😀

Her hair did not disappoint, I love the way it glows in the light and looks like candy.


Click for more! 😀


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