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1/8 GSC Corti

I just got this lovely figure today ๐Ÿ™‚ I was a little wary of her bright hair color, but in person it looks very nice. The details on this figure is amazing!

BTW I updated my “About Me” section with my ugly mug ๐Ÿ˜› So if you were wondering what I looked like…there you go!


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Finally Home

After a week of house-sitting (well mostly dog-sitting) for my mom, I am finally home so here are a few pictures of the figures I got on Monday! I am also awaiting a few other figures, but 1 is set to arrive soon, dunno about the others :P.

Sorry these pictures are kinda blurry…for some reason I couldn’t get it to be sharp even in Macro. I think I will need to open up my mini studio later… I guess daylight just hates me…I replaced the old pictures with newer, better ones taken at night.

Anyways, hereย  you go!:

NWS Chuchu Astram & Pantsu Jordh under the cut:


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Got Rize~!

I just got Rize (very quickly from Kid Nemo, I might add) She’s great! I love her face, after Nida she has the nicest face in my opinion ๐Ÿ™‚


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“According to the Dengeki HOBBYWEB news blog, during a live recording of the Kodomo no Jikan web radio at Wonder Festival it was announced that a Kojika Nendoroid series would be produced. As far as I know the project is still in its planning stages as there were no prototypes on display at the event, but weโ€™ll keep an eye out for further news. “

Heisei Democracy (check out their link in my blogroll).

This is exciting news! I love Kodomo no Jikan and Nendoroids! Unfortunately there aren’t a lot that appeal to me (I just have the big Haruhi and a few of the Petit ones, I also pre-ordered the Hatsune Miku one…I want the Pastel Ink from Moetan one but I don’t think it was for sale). I can’t wait for these though! I hope they don’t take too long, because I am really anticipating it and as soon as the pre-order is announced I will be going for it!!!!

Ps. Eetaku, I’m a female ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Unless something has gone wrong (since I am still awaiting the figures) the wonderful Super Rats has greatly improved my mood. Not only have I ordered the Shana figure that I was unable to get from AnimeXing (still awaiting a refund though), but they had the Sumomo from Nanatsuiro Drops figure I’ve been coveting but have had trouble finding!!! I think I got the last one ’cause now it’s sold out.

In case you guys hadn’t noticed, Nanatsuiro Drops is currently my favorite…thing…so far this year. I just had a ‘marathon’ last night of most of the anime (there are only 12 episodes, I watched the first 4 over a few days and then 5-12 last night)…I’m going to special order the manga soon from Kinokunia…I’m getting the figure :DDD…I have a wallpaper of it…and I have the Hentai (and most other) CGs from the eroge…I’d have the eroge myself too, if I could FIND it!

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