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Got Rize~!

I just got Rize (very quickly from Kid Nemo, I might add) She’s great! I love her face, after Nida she has the nicest face in my opinion 🙂



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I really like this figure. It’s simple but her pose is interesting (especially for a sitting pose) and sexy and I love her hair and her eye decals are really good. I hate the base so none of these are with the base. If you want a picture of her on it comment and let me know and I’ll take one for you. Here we goooo~!


A TON more below…did I mention I love having a mini-studio????: (more…)

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I just ordered this figure that I actually wanted for a while but failed to pre-order. I like her green hair and he pose…I’m quite looking forward to getting her 😀

Click this link to see more of her: http://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10064153

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