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Finally Home

After a week of house-sitting (well mostly dog-sitting) for my mom, I am finally home so here are a few pictures of the figures I got on Monday! I am also awaiting a few other figures, but 1 is set to arrive soon, dunno about the others :P.

Sorry these pictures are kinda blurry…for some reason I couldn’t get it to be sharp even in Macro. I think I will need to open up my mini studio later… I guess daylight just hates me…I replaced the old pictures with newer, better ones taken at night.

Anyways, hereย  you go!:

NWS Chuchu Astram & Pantsu Jordh under the cut:



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See, I’m a Girl!

I just got the new Lala for Sept. I am thinking about getting a subscription actually xD Ouran Host Club is starting to get a little more exciting for me (SPOILER, highlight to read: I think that Haruhi and Tamaki are finally getting somewhere, they are SUCH a cute couple…although Haruhi got kidnapped at the cliffhanger at the end of this chapter…). And getting the furoku is always fun. This month’s came with a Ouran Host Club eco bag that folds up…and fits perfectly in my new (tiny) purse :DDD
So guys, unless you thought I only loved GAR and Moe…I LOVE Shoujo too ๐Ÿ˜€ Bwahahahahaha! I AM A GIRL AFTERALL!!!!1
Here is a girl you guys would rather look at though ๐Ÿ˜›

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Can’t Get Enough Moe!

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I received 3 figures today, and I should be receiving another one but I am not sure when exactly. I also have to take some pictures of Haruhi who I got last weekend.

Anyways, for the meantime, here is some moe!

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iPod Touch

I am typing this on my super nice, new iPod Touch! I am a tad obsessed with it lol. It has to be the niftiest gadget after the iPhone LOL.

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Still Ugly

What is up with these figures from Umisho??? They are seriously the worst looking figures (at least their faces) in a long time. And their outfits are so boring they don’t make up for it at all.

Images behind the cut, because they are just that ugly IMO.


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